4 ways to have a homoparental family

Familia homoparental

Forming a family is the dream of many couples, in some cases there may be problems that make it difficult, but this does not mean that they cannot achieve it.  There are solutions that can help you have a child at home.

Homoparental couples can also be fathers or mothers.

If you and your partner have decided to start a family, you can choose one of the 4 ways we present below:

  • The adoption.

The process and adoption requirements are the same as for heterosexual couples, as future parents should go to the appropriate authorities to help them carry out the process in the appropriate manner.

Some of the requirements may be to be of legal age and have sufficient means for their education and subsistence.  It is common to have a psychological test that determines whether or not they are eligible to adopt.

  • Subrograde motherhood.

This process involves the transfer of embryos to a woman who will be pregnant for a couple or another single person.  In the case of men one can donate the sperm and the woman can contribute the ovule, for women one can provide her ovules and get a sperm donor.

As a couple, they should contact an agency with the surrogacy service and have a lawyer to help them carry out the entire legal part of the process.

  • Artificial insemination.

In the case of women, you can resort to the treatment of artificial insemination, one of you will undergo ovulation stimulation and using the healthy sperm of an anonymous donor, fertilization is performed.

Carrying out this treatment is simple and your partner can accompany you at all times to support you.

  • Shared motherhood.

This option is similar to artificial insemination, but by resorting to this method both can be part of the pregnancy process.  One of you can donate your ovules and using a donor sperm, fertilization will take place and the embryos will be transferred to whom the pregnancy will end.

In our entry What is the ROPA method?  We share more information on how this procedure is carried out.

If you opt for one of the last two options then you should go to a certified clinic that has specialists in fertility treatments to ensure the success of assisted reproduction treatments.

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