Studies carried out in an andrology laboratory

Laboratorio de andrología en Cancún

In every fertility clinic there is an andrology laboratory, which helps to carry out studies that help doctors to have an accurate diagnosis to treat infertility problems in men.

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Male infertility usually affects various couples who plan to have a baby, so it is important to start a treatment that fights the cause of infertility, for this they require various laboratory studies.

4 studies carried out in an andrology laboratory

  • Semen analysis.

With this test you can measure two important aspects of sperm, quantity and quality.  The aspects to be evaluated are volume, number and structure, movement, shape, thickness and viscosity.

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  • Functional study of the ejaculate.

With a semen sample, a sperm survival test is performed, after 24 hours of being exposed to the atmosphere.

The obtained results allow to evaluate if the mobility that the sperm conserve can achieve the fertilization of the ovule in a natural way or if assisted reproduction techniques are required.

  • Preparation of the ejaculate for artificial insemination.

The sperm sample must undergo a series of procedures to obtain only those sperm that have better mobility; separating those that are dead or slow and proceed with insemination.

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  • Genetic studies in sperm.

Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities of sperm can be a cause of infertility in men; they can even cause sterility.

These abnormalities alter the production and transport of sperm; so specific studies should be performed.

So that the specialists in charge of carrying out the studies and analyzing the semen samples can give you reliable results. It is necessary that the sample be delivered  a sterilized container and in less than 30 minutes maintaining an adequate temperature.

The most advisable thing is to go to an andrology or clinical laboratory and masturbate in a private place, with this it is certain that the sample will meet the appropriate conditions to be analyzed.

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