Being a single mother by choice

Madre soltera por elección

In the month of women, for the commemoration of International Women’s Day every March 8; we want to invite all women to learn how they can become mothers, take care of their health and enjoy their motherhood.

If you want to start your own family, even if you don’t have a partner; you can decide to be a single mother by choice and have your own baby in your home. Many women are making the decision to be mothers, leaving aside the traditional part. That is, wait to get married and have a baby as a fruit of love with your partner; your baby can be born thanks to desire and self-esteem.

The profile of a woman who wishes to be a single mother must have economic solvency, a high academic level and good employment; the biological clock is also a latent factor in her desire to be mothers.

Women between 35 and 45 are the ones who decide to be single mothers.

For some time being a single mother was a shameful stage for any woman; this prevented maternity from being enjoyed in the best way, because they were judged. But now the vision of women has changed and if they feel the desire to be mothers, but do not have a partner, just go to a fertility clinic to seek the help of medical specialists.

Through assisted reproduction services, many women can become mothers.

When you go to a fertility clinic you must first verify that you are certified. This guarantees receiving quality medical services. As in any consultation, the medical history will be created first and physical examinations and analyzes will be carried out to verify that there are no fertility problems. In case of suffering them, a treatment should be started immediately.

Once the fertility problem is controlled, the best reproduction treatment is used; which can be In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with the help of a sperm donor, it is possible to carry out a pregnancy that will allow you to form your family single parent

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If you are interested in being a single mother and attending our clinic contact us so that our specialists give you more information about the process to follow.

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