Benefits of In Vitro Fertilization

Fertilizacion In Vitro Cancun

In Vitro Fertilization is one of the techniques of assisted reproduction that helps to achieve successful pregnancies. This technique helps solve serious fertility problems both male and female to achieve the dream pregnancy.

To perform this procedure, mature eggs must be obtained and put in contact with the sperm in the laboratory, in such a way that the embryos obtained are transferred to the woman uterus.

The cycle of In Vitro Fertilization has a time of two weeks.

This process can also be done with the ovules and sperm from an anonymous donor. In our entry how is donation for assisted reproduction? We mentioned that the donation of both eggs and sperm allows couples with fertility problems to achieve the desired pregnancy.

Benefits of In Vitro Fertilization

favicon Fertility study for assessment. It allows the diagnosis of function and ovarian reserve, to assess if the ovaries are functioning correctly. It is also necessary to perform a semen analysis to know its quality status.

favicon Better chances of success. The success rate depends on several factors, such as the age of the patients, medical problems and treatment approaches.

favicon Security and comfort. Once the process is finished, a pregnancy test should be performed to know the result, approximately 3 weeks later.

favicon There is no need for a rest period. You can lead a normal life, avoiding strong physical activities or lifting heavyweights.

After performing the whole procedure, you can decide to use the cryopreservation service so that embryos that are not going to be used at the moment can be used in future cycles or donated.

They must choose the appropriate clinic to receive this treatment, it is important that they inform themselves of what they need to do to prepare themselves and that they feel safe to carry out this process with the specialists.

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In our fertility clinic, we offer the In Vitro Fertilization service in Cancun. Before starting the treatment, one of our specialists will guide you to know if this technique is adequate to treat your infertility, in addition, to answer all your questions and explain the procedure and all that this entails.

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