The benefits of the TESA technique

Tecnica TESA

The techniques that assisted reproduction allow a partner to fulfil their most desired dream, having a baby at home. One of the techniques that men usually resort to is TESA, when performing microsurgery they are able to get the sperm to carry out the fertilization.

TESA by its acronym Testicular Sperm Aspiration, means in Spanish Aspiracion de Espermatozoides Testiculares; trough this technique, the recovery of testicular sperm is achieved even suffering from azoospermia, that is, the man has no spermatozoon in his sperm.

Men with fertility problems who want to have their own child, usually resort to this minimally invasise technique of testicular biopsy, this is done under local anesthesia by puncture-aspiration.

The TESA technique extracts the sperm directly from the testicular tissue.

With this technique, sperm of good quality can be recovered from the testicle, which are tranferred to the laboratory to be used in IVF cycles with ICSI, they can also be used for cryopreservation and can be used later.

Benefits of the TESA technique

  • Because it is minimally invasive postoperative pain is less than with other types of techniques, also the testicular damage is minimal.
  • The status of permatogenesis, the process of generation or production of sperm is detected.
  • It is the only option that patients who can not ejaculate or that sperm are not found in their seminal fluid, it is also useful in those who have already had a vasectomy.

There are several reasons why a man can suffer from infertility, his sperm can be abnormal, have low mobility or be dead, in this type of cicumstances it is necessary to resort to a safe alternative to be able to find the sperm to carry out the necessary processes.

The TESA technique should not be performed in the following cases:

  • Abnormal karyotype. When a person is affected by irregularities in the chromosomes and has certain deseases.
  • Microdeleciones of the Y chromosome. When an alteration present in te chromosome is detected and transmitted to other generations.

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