Characteristics of the sperm that achieves pregnancy

Espermatozoide perfecto

If you and your partner have had problems to achieve a pregnancy, it is important that you go to a fertility clinic together to let you know what the causes are.  The causes may be on the part of the woman, the man or both, so they should be reviewed to begin taking the appropriate treatment.

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Sperm are an important element that allows you to get pregnant, so this time we will focus on everything one of them must have to achieve it.

The ultimate goal of a sperm is to fertilize the oocyte, surely you’ve heard about the most skilled sperm will be able to reach the goal, but do you know what it must have to achieve it?

A sperm is made up of 3 parts:

  • Head. In charge of breaking the outer layer that surrounds the oocyte, it measures 5 micrometer and has the number where the 23 pairs of chromosomes are and is wrapped by joining the head with the body.
  • Intermediate piece.  In this part are the mitochondria responsible for providing the energy necessary for the sperm to move.
  • Flagellum. It is the tail that allows mobility and measures 50 micrometers.  They can be classified in 4 stages according to their mobility and movement.

The sperm must acquire the exact way to fertilize the ovule, the head is compacted to have a better movement and cross the ovule’s cover, and in addition the tail acquires greater resistance and speed to cross a series of obstacles such as:

  • Vaginal pH: The pH is acidic and not all sperm survive.
  • Cervical mucus: If you are not in the ovulation period the dense fluid complicates the advance.
  • Immune action: White blood cells can detect them as cells that must be removed.
  • Physical barriers: The internal anatomy through which they must pass can cause them to stop their journey.

From the moment of ejaculation the sperm must go a long way that can last from 30 minutes to several hours.  Some sperm can survive 48 to 72 hours, while the egg lives less than 24 hours, so fertilization can occur two to three days after sexual intercourse.

Some of the studies carried out in an andrology laboratory allow semen to be analyzed to determine if sperm have the appropriate characteristics to achieve a pregnancy.

If you are interested in knowing the characteristics of your sperm, contact us so that our specialists provide you with more information.

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