You do not have to become mother today

Ser madre con la criopreservación

For long time we have had the belief that every woman will become mother at some point of her life. Even though there is no stablished age to have children, in our blog what is the perfect age to get pregnant you will be able to learn more about the factors to be taken in account to decide to have a baby.

Having a baby and becoming a mother can be achieved at different ages.

If you do not have a couple, it is likely that you are not considering having a baby now, but you should not forget that you can become a single mother by choice. If on the contrary you are a woman already living with your couple, it is likely that friends and family are always asking when will you be becoming parents. But the important thing is that you are able to speak to your couple about this and chose the right time to have a baby at home.

This week we celebrate two valuable dates for many of us; that is May the 10th which is Mother’s Day and May the 15th which is Family’s Day. So it is only normal that some doubts arise on whether you would like to become a mother now or if is it time to become one.

Safely postpone your Maternity

Regardless the life you have, you can be focused on professional growth; economical stability or just enjoying life longer before becoming a mother.

It is totally fine that you chose to become a mother later in life, no matter the reason you are taking this decision; the reason it is yours only to decide the best time and without having to resign to your own genetics.

Preserving your fertility is a choice that more and more women are chosing in order to enjoy the motherhood later; and still keep the same chances of having a pregnancy. Cryopreservation is an assisted reproduction technique which can be considered a life insurance or safety net, as it allows you to freeze your eggs and use them in the future.

In Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we can preserve your fertility for indefinite time, besides freezing (vitrifying) your eggs, we can also freeze your partner sperm or your embryos, so when the time comes, you will have the best chances of achieving a pregnancy.

If you are interested on having treatment at our clinic, contac us. Our fertility specialists will be able to give you the information and assistance you require.

We are located in the City of Cancun in México.

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