Facts that increase the risk of infertility

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The desire to be parents is very common that many couples in different parts of the world want to achieve, however, there are those who usually have problems to get it.

Infertility data in Mexico

The 17% of Mexican population in reproductive age, suffer or will suffer, some kind of infertility problems- INEGI

Esteem that more of 15% of women in reproductive age suffer infertility. –  OMS

Calculates that 17% of women in reproductive age in our country, suffer infertility. – CONAPO

The causes that cause infertility, in men, women, or both, may be due to multiple situations of life, but there are facts that provoke the risk of suffer it.

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True facts of health, besides of having an inadequate life style, increase the risk of having infertility problems.

The stress and anxiety, produce alterations of menstrual cycle, high levels of cortisol, they are usually a factor that prevents having a pregnancy.

Facts that increase the risk of infertility.

  • Be over 35 years old In the case of women, since the number of ovules decreases with age.
  • Being overweight or having little weight. Having problems with weight can alter the menstrual cycle and affect the quality of sperm.
  • Having undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The age in which they underwent these treatments can cause consequences in the hormonal production.
  • Exposure to toxic substances. Either by being in direct contact, ingesting them through food or inhaling can affect the quality of fertility.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. For women it can cause early menopause or irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Do not perform tests for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases. Mainly diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea cause infertility.

Taking into account these factors will help you to have a better planning of your pregnancy, it is also important to go with the medical specialists to detect the causes that prevent having a child, and to start a fertility treatment.

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There are several techniques for the management of infertility, you can know some in our section treatments.

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