First certified fertility clinic in Mexico

Clinica de fertilidad certificada en Mexico

Medical services in any country must be certified to provide patients with security that they will receive quality medical care. For a fertility clinic, having certifications helps couples decide to start assisted reproduction treatments that allow them to have a baby.

In our entry choose a certified fertility clinic we share the importance of investigating which is the best clinic in which you must attend to receive quality medical care.

In Mexico, different couples resort to medical treatments that help them solve fertility problems so they can start a family. Infertility can occur in women, men or both, so you must first make a diagnosis that finds the cause of the problem to begin with the correct treatment.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we are proud to be the first fertility clinic in Mexico that is certified by the Canadian Healthcare Council. Now our Canadian patients are guaranteed to be treated with the quality and safety standards required by their country.

This organization specializes in the accreditation and certification of different health institutions. To have this certification, the compliance with international standards recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as seeking and maintaining high patient safety, as well as high performance, is first evaluated.

The Canadian Healthcare Council, on the one hand, is responsible for offering Canadian patients a clear guide so that they can choose health institutions that are accredited outside of Canada; while they help hospitals and clinics focus on their priorities.

Our certification process began in October 2018, thanks to the delivery and dedication in September 2019 we comply with 100% of the standards evaluated. Our fertility services and treatments have no borders, we serve patients from all over the world.

Having this certification allows to increase medical tourism in Mexico. We can help you and your partner to coordinate and schedule everything related to your trip so that you receive the best medical services, we also offer you information about the medical procedures we perform.

Visit our section of the first visit to the clinic to learn about the preparation they need.

If you are interested in attending our clinic contact us, our specialists will provide more information.

We are located in the city of Cancun, Mexico

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