Foods that improve fertility

Alimentos para la fertilidad

All couples who want to have a baby should follow a healthy lifestyle that allows them to improve their fertility. Following a balanced diet, you can prepare your body to conceive a child and your partner can have healthy sperm.

Maintaining an adequate weight and a balanced diet will improve fertility.

If you have difficulties to have children, try to improve the foods you eat and avoid those that are harmful to your health. One of the causes that affect infertile couples are caused by poor nutrition.

It is important to emphasize that there are no magic foods that guarantee that when consumed they will achieve a pregnancy; but there are some that can help you achieve it:

  • Berries.

Eating the red fruits provides vitamin C and coenzyme Q10. They also contain antioxidants and trace elements, essential for the normal development of metabolism.

  • Green leafy vegetables.

They provide folic acid that is essential for the body to create new cells before pregnancy and during the first trimester. Green leafy vegetables should be consumed fresh or steamed

  • Whole grains.

Whole grains such as oats, quinoa, rice, and whole wheat contain vitamins B and E to have a hormonal balance. In addition to producing healthy eggs and sperm.

  • Nuts and seeds.

Nuts protect mature ovules from the damage that free radicals can cause and also improve sperm quality because they are rich in selenium.

  • Dairy products.

Calcium is an essential mineral for women who want to be mothers, eating milk, yogurt and cheese contributes to good bone health.

Just as these foods can benefit fertility, there are also things you should avoid such as alcohol, caffeine and trans fats. It is not about eliminating them completely from your life, but about maintaining a moderate consumption.

Try to evaluate your current diet to see if you are eating the necessary foods and avoiding those that harm you.

If even if you maintain a balanced diet you still have difficulties in getting a pregnancy; you should go to a fertility clinic so that specialists can detect what are the causes that are causing it. It is recommended that you go accompanied by your partner so that both can carry out the corresponding studies and provide them with the appropriate treatment.

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