How is artificial insemination performed?

Inseminación artificial en Cancún

One of the most common treatments of assisted reproduction is artificial insemination, also known as intrauterine insemination; which consists of placing the previously selected sperm in the uterus to increase the chances of success of achieving a pregnancy.

The quality of the semen is a factor that will determine the final result. The semen must be prepared in the laboratory to separate the mobile sperm from the other components such as seminal plasma and other cells.

Artificial insemination is a simple assisted reproduction technique.

This technique can be carried out in two ways:

  • Conjugal artificial insemination. The insemination is performed using the sperm of the couple, this is usually the right option for fertility problems in women under 38 years.
  • Artificial insemination with donor sperm. The insemination is carried out using the sperm from a semen bank of anonymous donors; this is indicated in women who do not have a male partner.

Artificial insemination procedure

  • Ovarian stimulation and monitoring.

To increase the chances of pregnancy, the ovaries should be stimulated hormonally with drugs that induce multiple ovulation and ovulation should be controlled to determine the best time to perform the insemination.

  • Application of hCG.

The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is applied to develop a number of follicles and the final maturation of the ovum is reached to program the insemination process.

  • Collection and preparation of semen

Select the sperm that are of better quality to eliminate those that are dead, immobile or slow; to use those that guarantee an adequate insemination.

  • Insemination

After the ovulation is carried out, intrauterine insemination is carried out; that is, the sperm is deposited inside the uterus through a cannula. A sterile vaginal speculum is used to locate the cervix and introduce the sample in the best way.

At the end of the procedure, the patient must remain at rest for 10 minutes; after which time the daily activities can be carried out normally and they must wait up to 2 weeks to perform the blood test and know the positive or negative result of the pregnancy. Due to the simplicity of the technique, in case of not obtaining success it can be repeated over several attempts.

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