How to know if a woman is sterile or infertile?

Mujer esteril o infertil

Sterility and infertility are two terms that are often used as synonyms, but each has its own causes, which make them different concepts. Learning the difference between each one can allow choosing the best treatment.


Infertility is the inability that a person has to conceive after many years of trying.

Causes that determine if you are a sterile woman

  • Diseases in the cervix, such as endometriosis.
  • Uterine malformations.
  • Age, when you are over 35 years.
  • Ovulation problems due to not having the menstrual cycle.

Methods that can confirm sterility

  • Ovulation tests. It is important to verify if the ovulation process is taking place correctly. There are two types of tests:

– Progesterone. This hormone starts the pregnancy.

– Ovarian reserve. It confirms if the follicle hormone is active.

  • Study of tubal patency. An x-ray is made in the fallopian tubes to see if they are blocked or not.
  • Study of the cervix. Three studies are carried out to evaluate that the uterus is suitable for a pregnancy:

– Permeability of the cervix. It must be confirmed that the cervix is ​​permeable and allows entry to the uterine cavity, usually this examination is a vaginal examination performed by a gynecologist.

– Any malformation that hinders pregnancy should be ruled out; by means of an endoscopy without anesthesia, to observe the cervix and the uterine cavity inside.

– Transvaginal ultrasound. It must be verified if there are abnormalities of the uterus, cervix or any other alteration that can be detected in the ovary.

When there are no causes of sterility, the following studies can be performed:

  • Medical record.
  • Gynecological consultation.
  • Abdominal ultrasound.
  • General study of semen.
  • Complete hormonal analysis.

Primary sterility refers to a couple who has never achieved any pregnancy, and secondary sterility, when the problem appears after having achieved a pregnancy.


Infertility is the inability to maintain the pregnancy because all end in spontaneous abortions. A person is infertile when after a year of sexual intercourse without contraception, a pregnancy has not been achieved.

Primary infertility, when no pregnancy has come to term, and secondary infertility, is when abortions begin, after having achieved some normal gestation.

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