How to manage the social pressure of having a baby?

social pressure of having a baby

After the wedding or having many years of relationship with your partner, it is common to ask questions like what about the baby when? By family members, close friends or co- workers. This question may seem well intentioned, but as a couple they tend to suffer from social pressure, have you ever felt it?

This is an intimate topic in which several personal and environmental factors influence. Ideally, the privacy of each couple should be respected or avoid asking such questions if there is no reason to discuss the issue. It is not the same as a couple talk about their desire to have a child to have another person ask them out of nowhere.

It is difficult for people to stop asking when you will have a baby and this can cause various emotions such as frustration, depression and even anger; but the best thing you can do is let it not affect you.

Women suffer the most from social pressure to have a baby.

social pressure of having a baby

As you turn, you may be more exposed to the social pressure of having children. Motherhood is considered one of the most anticipated stages of life for every woman and after 35 years it can become more difficult to achieve a pregnancy.

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Some couples decide to wait a couple of years before having children, whether to work, travel or enjoy life together before having a great responsibility. As a couple you should not let this social pressure change your plans to have children, living the pregnancy should be a desired experience and not imposed.

When you both agree that it is time to have children, a great illusion is created, but this may be in danger of being fulfilled when fertility problems have not been noticed before.

If after a year trying to get pregnant you cannot get it, it is important that you and your partner visit a fertility clinic that helps them identify the cause and can recommend the best assisted reproduction treatment.

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