How to pass a negative pregnancy test?

Superar una prueba de embarazo negativa

Having a negative pregnancy test is the biggest fear of women who want to become mothers, especially when they have tried to get pregnant for a long time, but getting this result does not mean they can never have a baby.

Avoid blaming yourself on your infertility situation

If you have not been able to get pregnant it is normal for you to go through a painful situation, although you must take a moment to feel and release your pain, it is necessary that you assume it in order to face it and set new expectations.

It is necessary that you face your fears, this can be done with your partner or resort to a support group with other couples who are going through the same situation.

3 tips to pass a negative pregnancy test

  1. Take a break.

The process to get pregnant can be overwhelming, especially when it has been tried several times and the idea of ​​starting over can be demotivating. Before trying again you must take a couple of months to gain strength.

During this time enjoy the activities you like, such as watching movies or shopping.

  1. Seek help.

If you have tried to get pregnant for more than a year, it is best to go to a certified fertility clinic so they can make a diagnosis and identify the cause of your infertility.

There are different fertility treatments but to choose the most appropriate a specialist must assess your health status to recommend the most appropriate.

  1. Make a plan.

Establish a period of time in which you will keep trying and focus on achieving it. With the help of a fertility specialist, it will be easier to follow a plan because you will know better what the steps to get pregnant are and if it is necessary to change something in your lifestyle.

If together with your partner they have already made the decision to start a family, they should try to make the first visit to a fertility clinic together, to find out if they both feel comfortable with the doctor or if it is best to look for another option.

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