First visit to a fertility clinic

Visitar una clinica de fertilidad

One of the signs that must take into account to know if they need to go to a fertility clinic is when after a year trying to get pregnant do not manage to get it in the natural way.

Before going to a fertility clinic they may feel fear and insecurity and this causes not request an appointment; which only delays that they receive the help of specialists to have their baby at home.

Choosing a fertility clinic can be complicated, but it is important that you start by finding out which are the best and visit the facilities so that a fertility specialist can assist you and determine what may be causing the problem and choose the best treatment.

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During the first consultation the doctor must evaluate all the aspects related to the case of each one.

  • Medical history.  For any medical aspect, a medical history should be made that allows the specialist to know every detail that can be of great importance for the diagnosis and treatment of fertility.  In the case of couples, a medical history is taken together based on the following questions:

-How long have they been trying to get pregnant?

-What contraceptive methods have you used?

-What is the frequency of sexual activity?

– What are your medical history due to illness or surgery?

  • Family background.  When a relative has suffered from certain diseases or has presented fertility problems; it is common that those close to him may be affected.  Taking these types of references helps determine the cause of infertility.
  • Prescription of diagnostic tests.  In order to provide a better diagnosis; it is necessary that each one carries out fertility tests, these can be done on the same day or they can be programmed.

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It is convenient to carry all the documents that can help the doctor to make a better diagnosis such as tests or tests that have been done before.  But in case of not having the basic studies of fertility the specialist will ask them to do them.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we have specialized doctors able to identify fertility problems, finding the causes and factors that cause infertility.

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