Is your menstrual cycle irregular?

Ciclo menstrual irregular

Have you noticed that your menstrual periods occur infrequently or frequently?  Irregularities in the menstrual cycle are usually caused by the lifestyle that one has.  It is common to arise when it begins for the first time or when it is coming to an end.  It can also arise after pregnancy and when starting or stopping a hormonal contraceptive method.

Cycles that are continuously irregular should be consulted with a doctor.

Having an irregular menstrual cycle is an indicator of anovulation, that is, during the cycle the ovaries cannot release an egg, when this becomes chronic it can become a cause of infertility.

Types of disturbances in the menstrual cycle

The alterations of the menstrual cycle can appear due to excess, which appears as frequent, prolonged and intense menstruation, or by default, when there is an absence of menstruation or with a prolonged interval between each cycle.

It is important that you know what each alteration can cause so that you are prepared.

Alterations in the cycle due to excess can lead to anemia and even require transfusions.  On the other hand, in the alterations by default it must be differentiated if it is an amenorrhea, which is the lack of menstruation for three cycles or is due to some disease.

How to be prepared in your irregular cycles?

You should pay attention to the signals your body gives you, such as the following:

favicon Pain or stiffness in the back.

favicon Harder, swollen or tender breasts.

favicon Headaches.

favicon Acne breakouts.

favicon Changes in sleep pattern.

favicon Humor changes.

Always carry feminine towels or tampons in your bag, just to have them on hand in case your period comes when you least expect it.

Treatment for irregular cycles

Treatment must be indicated by a doctor, who will identify the type of alteration and how it affects your quality of life.  The treatment options are usually hormonal, remaining in 3 or 6 months and with an evaluation after stopping it.

Irregular cycles can have a serious impact on your health in the short or long term.  For this reason, you should consult a medical specialist from the first sign.  Starting a treatment in time will help you take care of your metabolism, heart, sleep and fertility so that in the future you can live the magic of becoming a mother.

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