Know your state of health before having children

State of health

The World Health Organization (WHO) aims to create greater awareness among the population about the importance of maintaining good health and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Every April 7 th, World Health Day is celebrated.

During this day, attention is focused on important health; issues that address physical, mental and social well-being in general, so that everyone can receive primary medical care. As part of what includes primary care is prevention and treatment to meet the needs that arise at any time of life.

Family planning is one of the most important health issues but that is not consulted by many people.  This allows you to decide the number of children you want to have and determine the interval between each one.  As part of planning, you should know the different types of contraceptive methods to choose the most suitable for you.

Each person’s fertility depends on many factors, such as age and lifestyle.  By going to fertility specialists you will be able to know your probability of getting pregnant.  If a pregnancy is not achieved after trying for a year; infertility is diagnosed and the cause must be found to start the ideal treatment.

Measures to get pregnant

Every woman requires special care during her pregnancy. But if you are thinking about having your child; the ideal thing is that you begin to make certain changes that better prepare your body and allow you to have a healthy baby.

  • Come to a doctor to find out your current health status and share your family’s health history to find out if any problem can be transmitted to your children and take precautions.
  • If you are taking any medication or supplement, you should first consult with your doctor if there may be a change in the medication, because you plan to become pregnant and do not want to affect the development of your baby.
  • Reduces the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and caffeine; even in small amounts can make it difficult for you to become pregnant or increase the chances of having a miscarriage.

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