Ovary Cancer Symptoms

Cáncer de ovario

The ovaries are female sexual glands that are found in the lower part of the abdomen, and they have the physiological roll of producing eggs in order to secure reproduction; as well, they produce female hormones: estrogen and progesterone.

The ovary cancer begins with the lost of control of development and multiplication of ovarian cells. This cancer is one of the most frequent and causes one of the highest number of female deaths due to cancer.

On May the 8th, we commemorate the World Ovary Cancer Day.

During this day, we pretend to create conscience in people regarding this kind of cancers, as there is little knowledge about the risk factors and the most relevant types, which are:

favicon Epithelial. This is the most common, it usually appears starting around 45 years old.

favicon Germinal. It affects mostly teenagers and young women.


Most of the detected case are usually on advanced stages; so it is important to acknowledge the signs that its appearance produces. This kind of cancer can produce different signs and symptoms, according to the propagation of the illness. In early stages it could produce:

favicon Pelvic and abdominal persistent pain.

favicon Excessive tiredness.

favicon Increase in abdominal size.

If you have symptoms which persist longer than one month, you should consult with your physician to find the cause of the problem and so the adequate treatment can be began.


At the moment of diagnosis and once after the stage has been identified, your physician will explain the kind of treatment you should follow.

Among the most commonly recommended treatments are: surgery and chemotherapy. However, the selection between both of these treatments will depend on the cancer stage and classification as well as your general health condition, this is why you should always maintain healthy lifestyles. 

Young women which present ovary cancer in early stages can have the chance to preserve their fertility; with the help of cryopreservation treatments. In our blog entry preserve your Fertility Against Cancer you will be able to have a better overview regarding this option, so in the case you would like to form a family in the future, it would allow for a normal pregnancy.

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