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When a couple has fertility problems, they are usually afraid to go to a fertility clinic, due to the myths about assisted reproduction, but it is important that they know what causes their infertility to be able to treat it.

In our entry, the most common fears in patients with infertility, we share 4 of the fears that are more complex to couples, but that should not be a reason for not receiving medical attention from fertility specialists.

One of the simplest fertility treatments is timed intercourse.

Timed intercourse can become one of the first fertility treatment options for couples, because they retain their intimacy and it is the most natural way to achieve pregnancy, the specialist must find the most fertile moment of the menstrual cycle to schedule  sexual intercourse

For this treatment, ovarian stimulation can be used, but it is not necessary, the attending physician by ultrasound control or vaginal ultrasound will recommend the best time to have sex according to whether follicles larger than 18 mm are observed.

This technique can be practiced for 3 or 4 months, various factors can affect the fertility period, so several attempts are required, but many pregnancies are achieved in the first months.

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It is advisable to have a maximum of 6 cycles following this technique, in case of not getting pregnant the doctor will recommend another treatment, such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.

Programmed intercourse can be combined with other assisted reproduction techniques, provided you have a regular menstrual cycle and good sperm quality.

Before starting the timed intercourse, the couple must meet a series of conditions, which are:

  • Be a woman under 35 years old.
  • Check that there are no alterations in the semen.
  • Ensure the permeability of the fallopian tubes.
  • Identify that there are no risks of contagion of the couple to the baby.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we have the follow-up of ovulation to get the pregnancy you want and while the treatment is being carried out our staff will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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