How is man’s fertility affected?

Fertility of man

Male infertility affects the possibility of having children in a couple by 40%

The problems of fertility that affect a couple can be due to various causes, but there are situations that affect the fertility of man and prevent a child can be conceived.

Some of the causes that affect the fertility of men are:

  • Presenting physical or functional problems in the testicles, such as inflammation, swollen veins, injuries or abnormal development.
  • Hormonal problems or an obstruction of sperm movement, such as having surgery that cuts and seals the ends of the ducts that carry the sperm can cause men to be infertile.
  • Hereditary diseases such as having an additional X chromosome, being XXY instead of XY, which prevents an adequate development of the male genital tract.
  • Infertility in men is often caused by having an unhealthy lifestyle, among the factors that stand out are:

– Have a poor diet, that is, a diet low in antioxidants and minerals.

– Having obesity can produce a deficient amount of sperm, in addition to leading a sedentary life.

– Excessive alcohol consumption affects testosterone levels, as does the quality and quantity of sperm.

– Traumatic or very stressful situations manage to alter the quality of the sperm.

*There are also cases where the cause of male infertility cannot be determined.

Even if the man’s body produces enough sperm, there are factors that contribute to infertility.

Men often have to request semen analysis so that doctors can know the characteristics of the sperm, the percentage of vitality, its morphology, if it moves too much lens or does not move, if it dies before reaching the egg, among other things. In our clinic we also have a laboratory of andrology and clinical analysis. To carry out the corresponding studies.

Men’s infertility can also be caused by receiving cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, especially when it was received in childhood. Before starting with these types of treatments, you can resort to the cryopreservation of sperm.

In our fertility clinic we offer the cryopreservation service in Cancun so that you can preserve your fertility before starting a treatment that affects the quality of your sperm.

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