What is embryo adoption?

Adopción de embriones

Couples who have undergone assisted reproduction treatments such as IVF often have leftover embryos; who may decide to keep them for future use and have another baby. For this they must resort to cryopreservation, so that they remain frozen. They can also help other couples who are having trouble getting pregnant and donating their embryos.

In countries like Mexico, it is allowed to donate embryos for other people’s reproductive purposes.

Normally, the donor couple first knows if the assisted reproduction treatment they have carried out has resulted in pregnancy. Afterwards, the usual thing is that the embryos are kept for a while and until they decide not to want to have more children; they may consider donating them to other couples or donating them for research purposes.

The embryos that will be donated must comply with certain rules, such as not coming from women over 35 years old or from men over 50 years old.  One of the advantages of using donated embryos is that there is a greater chance of having a baby. In our post why should you adopt embryos? We share 4 reasons that will help you decide on this option.

Embryo adoption can also be synchronized with the menstrual cycles of the donor and the recipient; despite not being something common, the procedure would be carried out as follows:

favicon Who receives the embryos must take a hormonal treatment to prepare the endometrium for a pregnancy, with this the chances of implantation are increased.

favicon While the donor must perform the In Vitro Fertilization treatment normally; that is, she will receive an ovarian stimulation and prepare for the transfer.

Using to embryo adoption is ideal both for couples who have tried to have a baby several times and have not been successful, and for women who want to be single mothers by choice. Ideally, go to a certified fertility clinic, such as Advanced Fertility Center Cancun.  As part of assisted reproduction treatments we have equipment to cultivate embryos and improve the number of good quality embryos when selecting them for transfer.

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