What is respected childbirth?

Respected childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most anticipated moments for all pregnant women, it is a stage that marks the beginning of their life as mothers, so they should receive medical attention that respects their rights.

Respected childbirth, also known as decent birth or humanized childbirth, refers to the fact that doctors and health workers must respect the decisions of every couple that is expecting a child, that is, they should take into account the wishes of the mother to know what type of delivery you want to have, if you require painkillers, among other things.

The decisions made by a couple must be in conjunction with their treating physician.

The obstetrician gynecologist who has monitored the pregnancy, the doctor must inform about the benefits and risks that may occur at the time of delivery, according to the couple’s decisions.

Respected childbirth is about receiving a humanized treatment that must be normal and logical, but that couples often do not usually get, that is why the World Health Organization establishes recommendations to follow a respected birth, some of them are:

  1. Respectful care of motherhood Care that maintains dignity, privacy and confidentiality, ensuring physical integrity and proper treatment for childbirth.
  2. Effective communication.  Doctors should provide the necessary information for the couple to make a decision about pregnancy and receive ongoing support.
  3. Accompaniment during labor and delivery.  The woman must choose a person who will accompany her during labor and delivery.

“You have to respect the spontaneous start of labor, but if there is a medical condition that forces you to advance it, you have to wait for the baby and the mother to start the birth process spontaneously.”

Dr. Eduardo Manuel Espadas Reyes in Respected Delivery Webinar.

As a couple, they should ensure that they receive all the care of a respected birth, so they should properly choose the doctor who will carry their pregnancy and choose a hospital or clinic that gives them confidence and security.

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