What is the Rh factor in pregnancy?

Factor Rh en el embarazo

The Rh factor is a type of protein found in red blood cells, however, not all people have it. Those who are carriers are known as Rh positive, while non-carriers are Rh negative, but how can this protein affect pregnancy?

When the parents do not share the same type of Rh, an incompatibility is created that affects the baby, because the baby usually has the Rh factor of the father and this creates that inside the mother’s body they begin to make antibodies against the protein Rh of the baby that is recognized as a foreign cell.

The Rh factor plays an important role in the health of babies.

How does the RH factor affect the baby?

When mom and baby’s blood cells mix, problems can occur, such as a miscarriage. During birth or when having prenatal checkups may arise.

Jaundice is one of the effects that the baby can have. Due to a high level of bilirubin, the baby has a yellow color on the skin and on the white part of the eyes.

Rh incompatibility is not usually a problem in the first pregnancy, but in the future. Prevention is the best treatment that can be had. In the case of babies who are already affected, they should be a treater according to the severity of the condition.

If a pregnant woman has the possibility of developing Rh incompatibility, it can be prevented with the use of RhoGAM. Doctors will give you two injections of Rh immunoglobulin during pregnancy. In such a way that:

  • The first injection is around the 28th week of pregnancy.
  • The second injection 72 hours before giving birth.

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