Why should you adopt embryos?

Programa de adopción de embriones

In a fertility clinic, which are often used by several partners, thousands of embryos are obtained that usually remain cryopreserved until the partners decide to use them to have another baby.

Some partners choose to donate their embryos to other couples when they have already become parents.

Partners who decide to donate their embryos allow other couples or single women to have the opportunity to become parents as well.

The embryos that are preserved sometimes are not used again by their parents, it is common for several embryos to remain and for them to wait to be adopted by another partner. This type of adoption has also become an option for single women who want to be mothers.

The embryos adoption or embrioadoption, is a technique of assisted reproduction.

The embryos are obtained from a partner that has taken a fertility treatment, with a hormonal treatment, they allow to obtain a greater quantity of eggs to increase the chances of achieving a pregnancy, several embryos are created to transfer two to the mother and the others freeze them until the parents decide to use them.

4 reasons to adopt embryos

  • They are more likely to achieve pregnancy when the embryos are of partners who have already managed to have a baby.
  • Each clinic has a bank of cryopreserved embryos that are available to partners who require it, as long as the true parents have decided to cede their embryos.
  • It is a quick, simple and minimally invasive treatment, there is no need to resort to waiting lists. To carry out the procedure, the mother must only go through the endometrial preparation.
  • The price is usually cheaper, as opposed to taking some assisted reproduction treatment or adopting a child, which tend to be expensive. Not requiring as many visits to the laboratory or medical consultations the cost is lower.

In order to adopt the embryos, it must first be verified that the woman is in good health, for this it is necessary for a gynecologist to conduct a review and determine if the process can be initiated.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we have adoption programs that will make you live a unique experience to have children. If you are interested in adopting an embryo or have doubts about it, you can contact us, our specialists will provide you with more information.

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