Can your work affect fertility?

El trabajo afecta la fertilidad

Many people during their business development usually reach a time when becoming parents begins to be an important issue, so you are not the only person to think if your work can affect your fertility.

There are different types of work and each one has specific tasks that create different situations.  Office work is usually the most common because it is stable, but even this can cause problems in your health.

3 risk factors that affect fertility

Be under stress.

Having stress affects overall health and this is increasingly common in different jobs.  If you suffer from occupational stress and it has remained for a long time and does not decrease, you should take measures that will help you fight it soon.

Stress is considered one of the main causes of infertility, in women ovulation decreases and in the case of men the seminal quality and quantity is affected.

Spend long hours a day sitting.

Office work usually requires spending the entire workday sitting in front of a computer, if this is your case then this is one reason you can have to get a pregnancy.

The best thing is that during the day you take some breaks to stretch and when you leave work you activate your body by exercising.

Work on a rotating schedule.

Your body is accustomed to working during the day and sleeping at night, if this changes, then you may notice alterations that affect your menstrual cycle.

If you want to have a pregnancy without complications, consider having a job where the days are 40 hours per week and with a normal schedule.

Achieving your professional success and being a mother is possible with cryopreservation

Different couples, and even single men and women, often decide to preserve their fertility until they are satisfied with their work and are ready to take the next step, that is, they are healthy, stable and want to become parents.

Do not let your work affect your fertility and turn to a clinic specializing in cryopreservation.  In one of our entries we share some of the reasons why you should preserve your fertility and the types that exist.  If you want to know more about this we invite you to read our entry: Preservation of ovules and semen to preserve your fertility.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we offer the cryopreservation service and we guarantee you to preserve your fertility indefinitely.  Our clinic is certified and has the best technology and fertility specialists that will help you throughout the procedure.

If you are interested in attending our clinic contact us, our specialists will provide more information.

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