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With more than 15 years of experience we help you identify the causes that affect your fertility and we recommend the most appropriate treatment to achieve your greatest desire: to form a family.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun our specialists in fertility and assisted reproduction treatments are national leaders, experienced and respected in the field of reproduction in Mexico. We have the medical support of the "Father of Vitrification" Masashige Kuwayama, a legend in the field of cryobiology, this allows us to offer the latest advances and the best techniques to deal with the problems of infertility in Mexico and the world.


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  • We went back to the Fertility Center in Cancun and met with the Fertility Specialist, Dr. Ray Romero. He helped us put together a clear strategy for our family goals and our ‘Making a Baby’ plan of action was brought to life! Read more about this story
  • Advanced Fertility Center Cancun
    We did a Google search for IVF in Mexico and found Advanced Fertility Center in Cancun. We researched several clinics and AFC was a clear choice for us.  They have a list of egg donors in-house which was very convenience for us. We arranged for services through the internet entirely and I never even spoke to anyone over the phone. We turned the entire experience into a vacation and I believe being in a relaxed state was the key to getting pregnant.  We now have a beautiful baby boy and I recommend AFC to all my friends.
    Robbin Wood Arambula
  • Advanced Fertility Center Cancun
    Working with Fertility Center Cancun was a wonderful experience. My husband and I have achieved our dream of forming our family thanks to your attention and professionalism. Although the ivf process can be stressful, FCC provides the necessary support and thanks to them today we have a healthy and happy baby and we are waiting for one more, all in a period of two years! Thanks for everything! We recommend them 100%.
  • CBaby
    We had the best possible experience at Fertility Center Cancun. Within two years we welcomed two healthy, beautiful babies via ivf. The clinic helped us to realize our dream of having a family after 8 years of infertility. We are so thankful. We highly recommend this wonderful clinic, their professional & compassionate & helpful staff.
    C. Family
  • EcoFrias
    Our beautiful son came true for us thanks to the incredible team at the Advanced Fertility Center Cancun. This is a very late review. The center and its team are top notch! Everyone on their staff is very efficient and helpful. We don't even think we would conceive on our first attempt. They helped us make good and wise decisions to ensure that our first attempt is a success. We did the donor embryo and the pregenetic tests. They communicated in a timely manner and informed us about how our donor eggs are progressing and, ultimately, our embryos. We highly recommend them to future parents who yearn to conceive a baby. Do your homework and consider the team's advice to guide you to have a successful IVF experience.
    Dayle Frias
  • EcoFrias
    Our beautiful son came true for us because of the amazing team at Fertility Center Cancun. This is a long overdue review, The center and their team are top notch!! Everyone in their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. We did not even think we would conceive on our first attempt. They helped us make good and sound decisions in order to ensure our first attempt is a success. We did the donor embryo and pregenetic testing. They communicated timely and informed us of how our donor eggs and ultimately our embryos are progressing. We highly recommend them to prospective parents who are longing to conceive a baby. Do your homework and consider the team's advice in guiding you to have a successful IVF experience.
    Anna Cecile
  • JenifferHawes-AFCC
    The statistics and success rates that they have here are incredible. In Mexico, I found better results than in Canada and the United States. So we decided that we had to come and try.
    Jennifer & James Hawes
  • MelaniePubanz-AFCC
    Since you enter the clinic they welcome you with open arms. I always felt confident, without any doubt, they always clarified everything. I recommend 100% Advanced Fertility Center Cancun
    Melanie Pubanz
  • YadiraSpencer-AFCC
    Thank you Fertility Center for being not only a team of professionals in the field of fertility, but also a team of professionals who cares for their patients in a personalized manner during this emotional process. We had nothing else to say but THANK YOU Dr. Gaytan and Fertility Center team for the most beautiful gift: our wonderful son!
    Yadira & Spencer Merryman


Assisted Reproduction Services in Mexico

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We have a team of fertility specialists available to accompany you throughout the process, guide you to solve all your doubts and guide you to make the best decision.


We have state-of-the-art laboratories as well as facilities designed with specific characteristics for fertility treatments. Our teams are constantly updated to give you the best results.


Our success rates allow most of the patients who trust us to achieve their dream of having a baby at home.