Mini FIV

Mini IFV in Cancun

Fertilization with soft stimulation.

This treatment requires an ovarian stimulation with a minimum amount of hormonal drugs, in such a way that the side effects are reduced and the quality of the oocytes that are extracted to fertilize is improved.


The main objective is to get 2 to 3 ovules of good quality in ovarian puncture and the cost of this treatment is lower, due to the fact that fewer medications are used, which also reduces visits to the clinic.


The collection of the ovules is lower and the treatment may have less chance of success.

For whom is this treatment indicated?

  • Women under 35 who have a very good ovarian factor.
  • Patients with high ovarian hypersensitivity.
  • Women who have performed conventional FIV procedures where they have an excessive increase in ovarian response.
  • Patients diagnosed with infertility other than ovarian factor.
  • Women with low response to ovarian stimulation.

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