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If you tried to conceive a baby but you have not achieved it then it is time to go with the experts of Advanced Fertility Center Cancun because we have doctors specialized in fertility and assisted reproduction of the highest level in Mexico and Europe. The first step in solving infertility problems is to understand the causes and factors that cause infertility.

The first consultation

There is no need to worry, the first consultation is the same as any other medical consultation.

  • The doctor analyzes your medical history and gathers the necessary information to know everything related to your fertility condition.
  • He will ask specific questions that will help you have a better diagnosis so it is important that you always answer with sincerity.

How to prepare?

The doctor may request tests and analysis of blood and / or semen to facilitate the diagnosis and the most appropriate choice of fertility treatment. If you have already done this type of test it is necessary to mention it and if you have the results it is advisable to go with them.

This appointment is essential to resolve all doubts they have regarding fertility and treatments, therefore it is recommended that they be prepared with all the questions they would like to discuss with the doctor. Our specialists are here to serve you so you can ask as many questions as necessary; They will also have a personal assistant who will provide all the necessary information about the steps you should follow.


Assessment and diagnosis

After the first consultation the following steps in the process are the following:

  • Once you have the results of the tests performed, the doctor and the personal assistant will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for your situation, as well as the medication required.
  • It is important to take into account that many of the fertility treatments usually last from two to three months, but this may depend on each case and the evolution of the proposed plan.
  • In this period, the assistant will be in charge of offering them all the information they require about the treatment, medicines and services of the clinic.
  • In case of being foreigners he can also provide information for transfers and everything you need for your stay in Cancun.
  • In case of selecting "choice of donors", he will also advise you about the process and, in case any medical problem arises during their treatment at home, this will be communicated directly to the specialist in assisted reproduction.

Assisted reproduction treatment

Once you have all the necessary information you can define what fertility treatment will be followed and the medications to be used; It could also be determined if it is necessary to carry out a study that detects the possible alterations of the sperm (semen).

To establish the price of an assisted reproduction treatment, one must know the method to be used, the medications, as well as additional analyzes. Each case is different, so at the end of the first consultation our department in charge will provide you with a specific budget plan.

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