Timed intercourse

Monitoring of ovulation to achieve pregnancy

The timed intercourse is a simple and non-invasive reproduction treatment that allows to find the most fertile moment; that is, the ovulation date is determined so that the couple can have sexual relations with high probabilities of getting the conception.

It is recommended to all young couples who have been trying for a short time to achieve a pregnancy, and who during the initial assessment did not show signs of alterations that could hinder the procedure.

Without ovarian stimulation

The physiological natural growth of the follicle is monitored, during the ovarian cycle, this is done by means of a vaginal ultrasound. Then the dates are scheduled in which the couple can have sex to ensure that enough sperm will be obtained at the exact time of ovulation.

With ovarian stimulation

As in the previous process, the follicles should be followed, but the woman should undergo a stimulation that helps induce ovulation or achieve multiple ovulation. With the administration of medicines it helps to achieve this and the possibilities of having a successful treatment are increased.

What is needed for this procedure?

Before starting the treatment, the couple's age and the state of health in which they are found should be known, by means of a valuation with laboratory studies.

Requirements to be a candidate:

  • Being a woman under 30 years of age.
  • Not having a blockage in the fallopian tubes.
  • No abnormalities in the semen.
  • Discard possible uterine malformations through an ultrasound.
  • Discard possible pathologies by means of some hormonal analysis.
  • Not having performed any reproduction treatment before.

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