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Preserve your fertility indefinitely

How do we carry out this procedure?

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun our specialists and advanced technology allow us to perform vitrification procedures of eggs, semen and embryos. This procedure is effective because the freezing systems are faster than conventional ones, this allows to be able to pass in minutes at temperatures below -195 °, thus avoiding formations of ice crystals that can damage the crust of the ovaries and increase the chance of achieving a pregnancy at the desired time.

Preservation of ovules.

  • Hormone treatment is performed to have controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.
  • Strict ultrasound controls are used to calculate the precise moment of ovulation.
  • The patient is sedated for the extraction of the eggs.
  • This process is performed in our operating rooms in an approximate time of 30 minutes, and after 2 to 3 hours the patient is discharged.

Preservation of semen.

  • Before semen is frozen, a semengram should be performed.
  • Obtaining the assessment is advised the number of samples and the best way to do it.
  • The semen sample must be delivered in a sterile bottle.

For whom is this technique indicated?

  • Women who do not have a partner.  
  • Women who for many reasons wish to postpone their motherhood.  
  • Women with cancer who are going to be subjected to chemotherapy.
  • Women who undergo several cycles of In Vitro Fertilization .

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