Assisted Reproduction

We provide fertility treatments to achieve pregnancies.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we put at your disposal a professional medical team capable of turning your dreams into reality. With more than 15 years of experience and international medical support, we offer methods that help couples to fulfill their greatest wish, to have a child of their own.

Through different studies that are applied to patients, we can make an accurate diagnosis of the fertility problems that each case suffers and with that select the best technique according to the profile of each couple.

Most used assisted reproduction methods

Artificial Insemination:

This method increases the chances of getting pregnant by having an induced ovulation, poor sperm quality or sterility problems without apparent cause.


The procedure consists in placing the sperm, either of the couple or of an anonymous donor, directly in the uterus, after they have been processed in the laboratories.

In Vitro Fertilization:

This method is recommended when there is insufficient sperm or bilateral tubal obstructions in women; also when artificial insemination fails.

The procedure consists in taking ovules to fertilize them through various techniques in the laboratory.

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