Maternal-fetal Medicine

We take care that the mother and the baby have an adequate health during pregnancy.

Maternal-fetal medicine is a subspecialty of gynecology and obstetrics responsible for providing adequate follow-up during pregnancy.

Prenatal care is of vital importance in all pregnant patients, either naturally or through fertility treatment and should be periodically reviewed with the appropriate specialists so they can avoid or treat difficult situations that may arise.

Benefits of our clinic

In our clinic we can help you to have a quiet pregnancy transforming the whole process into an unforgettable experience. Our specialists will be in charge of guiding you and advising you all the way, the revisions that you must carry out are:  

  • A monthly visit until week 28.
  • During the following weeks a visit is made every 2 weeks.
  • As of week 36 a weekly visit is made.  

    Having an adequate prenatal control will allow to know the state of health of the mother and child, to control the development of the baby and to treat possible ailments. If you are over 35 or suffer from a High Risk Pregnancy (EAR) visits will be more followed.

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