IVF in Natural Cycle

Fertility treatment in Mexico.

The treatment of IVF in Natural Cycle is related to In Vitro Fertilization treatments. For this treatment, a close follow-up of the ovarian cycle must be performed, without using medications; In this way, the ovule produced by the body can be captured naturally.

Advantages of IVF in Natural Cycle

This treatment is the best alternative for those women who no longer wish to consume medicines that increase the number of ovules, even for those who can no longer produce them with medication; In addition, it is a cheaper treatment than conventional IVF. Reason why it is the best option for women without ovarian problems and who do not want to suffer from Hyperstimulation Syndrome (SHO) for taking medications.

Who can perform this procedure?

  • Women over 38 years of age with high levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) or with low ovarian reserve.
  • Women who do not want to undergo hormonal treatment.
  • Women with poor response to ovarian stimulation.
  • Women prone to OHSS.  
  • Women who only produce 1 to 3 ovules, even when stimulated hormonally.  
  • Women who produce embryos of good quality, but can not implant correctly.

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