Common fears in parents with infertility

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Infertility usually can be a problem, that the majority of couples suffer; but luckily, there are few types of treatments that increase the possibility of achieve a pregnancy. Before submitting to a treatment, the couples usually start to have fears; that the only thing they cause is postponing the medical appointment with the specialist.

When couples with infertility decide to go to a assisted reproduction clinic and fertility, they regularly arrive with endless fears that make them nervous and expectant.

Most common fears with patients with infertility

  • They think that they won’t get pregnant.

Before they decide to go to a fertility clinic, one couple has been trying to have a baby for more than a year, without getting it. Because in the moment of searching for help, they have no hope of success.

Sometimes a treatment may work the first time, but there are times when you should try more times to get the desired result; This does not mean that you will never get pregnant, the treatments increase the chances of achieving it.

  • They worry about the time they must be in the treatment.

According to the previous point, the treatments that are carried out can take a certain time to achieve pregnancy; it is important to consider that this may depend on the cause that causes infertility.

Before thinking about how long the treatment will last, it is best to discover the cause of the infertility and be able to choose the most appropriate treatment for the couple.

  • They think they are going to increase the risk of cancer.

Some people mention that receiving hormone treatments can increase the risk of cancer, such as breast cancer. Although the medication does not increase the risk, it is advisable to perform tests before starting the medication.

  • Multiple gestation.

For assisted reproduction techniques, up to three embryos are usually transferred to increase the chances of pregnancy. Although it is likely that they will transfer less, multiple gestation is a probability; but specialists transfer an embryo to avoid this situation.

At Advanced Fertility Center Cancun we know that the first medical consultation can be scary, but you have nothing to worry about, in our first visit section we share the information necessary for you to visit our calmer fertility clinic, and rest assured that you will be in the hands of the best specialists.

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