How to be a father after a vasectomy?

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Vasectomy is a procedure chosen by men who decide not to have children, it is considered a permanent contraceptive method, because through this operation the vas deferens that allow sperm to pass out of the semen are cut.

The main objective of the vasectomy is to ensure that no pregnancy will be carried out, for that the patient must be sure that they do not want to get anyone pregnant, but this decision can change for several reasons, some of these are:

  • Have changed your mind about the loss of a child.
  • Want to start a family with a new partner.

Reversal surgery of the vasectomy or vasovasostomy rejoins the vas deferens that were cut to be fertile again, it is important that no obstruction has been created.

To recover the fertility after the vasectomy and that it is effective will depend on how much time has elapsed since the operation, but in a couple several factors such as the couple’s age and fertility should also be considered.

If you consider that your partner does not have fertility problems, but they have not yet been able to achieve a pregnancy you should consider going to a fertility clinic so that the specialists can check you and suggest the best treatment.

Many of the men who have had a vasectomy generate wishes to be parents, you will not be the first to go through this situation and thanks to that the TESA technique has been developed to which you can.

The TESA technique is a microsurgery that is minimally invasive and allows sperm to be extracted directly from the testicular tissue.  The procedure is similar to performing a testicular biopsy.

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The sperm obtained by this procedure are used to carry out an assisted reproduction treatment such as IVF or ICSI, although there may also be cases in which it is desired to freeze the sperm for use in subsequent cycles.

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