What are the types of pregnancy?

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Knowing that you are pregnant can start to feel the most common symptoms of pregnancy and you will feel like you are leading a new life; but it is until the first medical check-up visit that the gynecologist can let you know what kind of pregnancy you have and the care you need to have.

Knowing the types of pregnancy that exist will help you to know the characteristics of each one.

Types of pregnancies

1. Intrauterine: It is the most common or normal pregnancy, where the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus so that the baby develops without complications, feeding through the umbilical cord until it is ready to be born in 40 weeks.

2. Twinning: Also known as multiple pregnancy, it occurs when there are several ovules fertilized at the same time. A sperm fertilizes more than one egg and creates several embryos originating twin brothers or when the fertilized egg doubles and they have twin brothers.

3. Ectopic: This type of pregnancy is also known as extrauterine pregnancy, because the embryo is not implanted in the uterus, but remains in the same fallopian tubes, in an ovary, cervix or cervix.

For this type of pregnancy a curettage should be performed or a spontaneous abortion may arise because the place does not allow the development of the baby, this pregnancy does not exceed the first trimester; but three months after recovering you can try to have an intrauterine pregnancy.

4. Molar: The egg is fertilized incorrectly and causes the placenta to grow disproportionately to such a degree that it forms several cysts and prevent the embryo from developing well. This pregnancy should be stopped once it is discovered.

5. Intra-abdominal: This pregnancy usually arises after a cesarean section has been performed. The scar that you have can weaken the area and cause an opening causing the fetus to descend to the abdominal area. The time the baby has at the time of the tear will indicate if the pregnancy can continue.

6. Risk: Various factors of women can cause a high-risk pregnancy such as age, if you are under 18 or over 35, if you have a multiple pregnancy, gestational diabetes or suffer from other diseases.

Pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters and during each stage you must have medical checks to know how your pregnancy is taking place.

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