Care you must have during pregnancy

Cuidados para el embarazo

When you know you are pregnant you should take special care to protect your health and that of your baby.  After having fought so hard to have your baby, it is important that you go to medical check-ups to make sure everything is okay and resolve any doubts that may arise.

Taking care of your health and that of your baby is the most important thing.

Gynaecologists-obstetricians can orient you better, according to the type of pregnancy you present and your state of health; but in a general way the aspects that you should take care of in your daily life are:


Avoid dieting or eating little, during the development of your baby you should consume more calories than normal, but these should be nutritious foods.

The essential nutrients that you will most need to consume are calcium, iron and folic acid.

The doctor can recommend prenatal vitamins during the supervision of the pregnancy, to be sure that both you and your baby are feeding properly; it is important to emphasize that these are only supplements that complement the diet.


It is advisable to perform two and a half hours of aerobic activity per week.  Some of the benefits that are achieved are to reduce the problems of back pain and swollen legs,

The low-impact activities you can do to improve strength, flexibility and relaxation are:

  • Walk.  Taking a time a day to walk will help you tone most muscles, improve your blood circulation and allow you to control weight gain.  The discomfort of sciatica is reduced and facilitates labor.
  • Swim.  Practicing swimming during pregnancy is a very complete exercise, which will allow you to feel lighter, improve the flexibility of the body and increase your resistance, especially in recent months, when mobility begins to be limited.
  •  Performing yoga helps reduce the symptoms of women suffering from depression, with postures of meditation and deep relaxation.  Being a relaxing activity reduces the feeling of fatigue and stress to sleep better.


During pregnancy it is normal that you feel more tired than usual, so you should sleep at your hours and try to rest as comfortable as possible.

As your baby grows it is more difficult to find a position that allows you to sleep well, so you can ask your doctor what are the recommended positions to rest better.  You can use cushions between the legs or under the back to be more comfortable.

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