Fertility in the period?

Fertilidad en el periodo menstrual

When a couple decides to have a baby in their home usually begins with a little research to know what are the fertile days of the woman and thus increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

During the menstrual cycle there is a fertility period of a couple of days where the body of every woman is ready to conceive.  To know when the fertile days are, it is necessary to have a menstrual calendar or identify certain physical signs such as the aspect of vaginal discharge.

The menstrual cycle is a natural process through which all women pass where hormonal changes and the female reproductive system arise.  The onset is counted from the first day of menstruation and ends one day before the next menstruation.

The menstrual cycle usually lasts 28 days;  however, there are women in whom the cycle usually lasts 21 days or up to 35 days.

The period of ovulation may vary; but in all regular women ovulation occurs exactly between day 14 or 15 after the first day of menstruation.

For women who have an irregular cycle; it is usually difficult to calculate what the exact moment of ovulation will be and this affects knowing the fertile days.  If the menstrual cycle is short, the date must be anticipated taking into account the 14th day and if it is a long cycle it must be followed to start days after day 14.

Signs to know if you are in your period of fertility

  • Increase in the amount and density of cervical mucus.
  • Change in body temperature.
  • Sensitivity in the breasts.
  • Increase of luteinizing hormone (LH) that is detected in the urine with a test.
  • Pain in the ovaries that is less intense than during menstruation.

It is in the middle of the cycle when the fertile days begin, at that stage the ovary releases a mature egg and descends through the fallopian tubes.  During ovulation, the phase of greater fertility usually lasts between 3 or 5 days, while the ovum begins its journey to the uterus is waiting for a sperm to be fertilized.

By knowing your body well you can identify which are your fertile days to increase your chances of getting pregnant.  By taking control of your menstrual cycle for a few months you will know when your fertility period begins.

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